Welcome to “The 12th Man”!

Greetings all! My name is Rowan Ellappen. I once took a Facebook quiz and it said my gangster name is “Rowizzle” (the first three letters of your name, plus –izzle). My friends took note of this, but shortened it to “Wizzle”. Since then there have been different variations of it, including “Wiz-dawg”, “Wiz-pot” and even “Wizzlicious”.


I am 23 years old and I am currently completing my post-graduate studies in Marketing at the University of Cape Town. I have an under-graduate degree in Accounting but I would really like to stay clear of that 😀 I have always been interested in the thinking behind marketing campaigns, especially the promotional aspect of advertising. Another side of this is the way people think. In fact, I was very interested in studying psychology but in the end I went into commerce. I would love to work in the advertising world one day. However, as I will be completing my full-time studies at the end of this, I am open to almost any opportunity which presents itself to me.

I am a shy, introverted person, but once you get to know me, you will find it very difficult to keep me quiet. The first thing you will notice is how much I absolutely LOVE Creme Soda. Some of my friends actually ask me if something is wrong if we are at a restaurant and I do not order one.

Another thing you will see is that I also love sports. I played Chess, Cricket and Hockey during my school years and represented Western Province and South African at a junior level for Chess.

I am proudly South African which makes me a very strong supporter of all our national sides. When I was younger, I knew the batting averages and high scores of almost every cricket player in the national side.

During my under-graduate, my Monday mornings were never dull owing to the question: “did you watch the game last night?”. A couple of my friends and I would discuss the soccer games from the past weekend in full detail, including goals, tackles, fouls and refereeing decisions. We all support teams in the English Premier League including Arsenal, Chelsea, Man United, Man City, Tottenham and my beloved Liverpool. We also played the fantasy football game and had a competition against each other to see who would win come end of the season.

Cape Town-20130908-00169

Those discussions every morning for five years is my inspiration for this blog. I am used to reading articles on goal.com and other soccer articles, but this will be my opinion about the teams, not only in England, but across Europe.

I hope you like what I have to say. If not, I do encourage you to challenge my views as I am by no means an expert on the matter. As a result, I look forward to the discussions and comments that will follow my posts.

This is me, doing it for the fans.



7 thoughts on “Welcome to “The 12th Man”!

  1. I really like your blog- I don’t know much about sports but I am interested *most of my friends know erythang about sports so I’d like to be part of the conversation* Oh yeah- please follow my blog

  2. I truly am not involved in league football, hardly touch the stuff, but just reading your blog has been insightful (To someone who knows very little). The blog looks great and I hope you continue to enjoy writing it!

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